Barbara De Dominicis
15. novembril 2023

Body Symptom Constellation

This workshop is aimed for those supervisors, coaches and psychologists who would like to integrate and implement the constellation method in their work and for those who already practice constellation.

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Biography and ancestral knowledge with the corresponding emotional experiences
are stored in our body. The body knows exactly what it needs to make solution and
liberation possible. It also knows about the blessing of an illness in the sense of an
overall concept of one´s own life path.
The format of the body symptom constellation allows us to recognize the meaning of
the body symptom and let possible steps for healing emerge.

Content of the workshop:

  • short theoretical input on body symptom constellation
  • preliminary discussion with the clients to choose target-oriented
  • meanings and contents of body symptoms
  • helpful representatives that can be suggested by the constellation facilitator
    e.g., that which heals
  • learning how to guide the constellation process
  • constellation demonstration to get to know this format in practical work.

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Supervisors, coaches, students of supervision training, career counsellors, psychologists.

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15. novembril 2023,
kell 10.30-17.30

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Inglise keel. Work language English.


Dr. Barbara De Dominicis Ebetsberger has been working for years as constellation
facilitator in different contexts and fields. She is an experienced systemic-structure
facilitator, supervisor, coach, and psychologist in Italy and abroad. Barbara supports
clients, leaders, teams, and organizations to bring up their full potential. In her work
she combines theoretical knowledge and inner wisdom to empower aspects of self-
awareness in people. She accompanies enterprises to create new ways for self-
organizing. From her wealth of experience, she offers different formats of
constellation work, which immediately provide a next step towards finding a solution.

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