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Annie Hoekstra

Annie Hoekstra (1958) started her carreer as a social worker. For almost 13 years she worked with an enormous variety of clients and a variety of tasks: working with victims of sexual abuse and developing this work and policy around it, pioneering and developing group-social-work and developing an overall policy around a gender-perspective.

Annie worked also as a case manager for some years with families having complex problems around one or all children. Doing intakes, making diagnoses, arranging help, working together with all the disciplines involved. During these years the idea grew to focus more on supporting professionals in their work with people/clients. That resulted in a job, for 8 years, as a consultant for supervision, training, coaching in an organisation that worked for schools.

In 2006, she started her own business De Swingel and works now as an independant supervisor, trainer and coach. She works for a variety of organisations – schools, social work, local government etc. She works as a supervisor or coach with individual professionals but provides also team and career coaching, training, intervision, change-projects in schools etc.

In her private life, Annie is married and a mother of 2 grown up gems. She loves camping, singing, swimming, being outdoor, wrestling and playing with young ones.


Some organizations Annie Hoekstra has recently worked with:

Stichting Thuiszorg Zuid West Friesland, Lauwerscollege, PCBO Meppel, PRO de Hoeksteen Hardenberg, Gemeente Weststellingwerf, SBO de Kimkiel, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, Van Hall Larenstein etc.



School for social work, education professional supervisor/coach, master classes in team roles of Belbin, courses team coaching, group dynamics, gender issues, systemic approach, education in working with constellations around cases in organizations.